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"You have the eternal love of both me and my family. When I got shot while working at [railroad] I thought my life was over. The railroad said they would take care of me but they were trying to come out as cheap as possible. You took my case and what would have taken years, you got settled in mere months. You are the absolute best at what you do - bar none. The settlement you got me changed my life forever. Your staff was patient and kind even when I was so depressed that I was downright mean. I can't put into words how thankful I am to you, Mr. C. Marshall Friedman. You will always be a part of my life."

"Thank you so much for changing my and my husband's life. It is a true blessing to have had you in our corner. -Your new family."

"I just wanted to let you know that you are still in my thoughts. It's been 10 years now since you represented me and obtained a settlement from the BN Railroad. Against all odds, I have still managed to maintain the original amount of settlement in my brokerage account. I have saved the principal and have spent the profits for living expenses. Some years I have made more than others, but I have never dipped into the principal so that I can ensure a reasonable financial future. Without your assistance, I would simply not have been able to meet my financial obligations over the years. You, financially speaking, saved my life. I now have my 7 year old son in a private school and am giving him numerous lessons, i.e., tap, swimming, tumbling, scouting, etc. He is thriving and I am so happy that I can afford to give him an enriched childhood, which would also have been impossible without your assistance. I mention your name and your firm's reputation to others when the occasion arises. And I am glad when I hear of your current successes against the various railroads."

"On July 6, 1994, only 3 days out of high school, I began what I hoped to be a career with the BNSF Railway. On January 14, 2001, I was involved in an accident which followed with two failed drug tests that effectively ended my days in the industry. What followed was 5 years of alcoholism and substance abuse, basically no work and a sub-poverty level existence. Though I felt I might have some sort of claim for carrier liability in the originating accident, I had no blood or broken bones, not even a band-aid, which made it very difficult for medical leverage of any kind. I had no money or insurance so even psychiatric help was out of the question. Three law firms were contacted regarding my case and all quickly shied away as we all know that the failed drug tests were a very difficult obstacle to overcome and why take on damaged goods when so many other clear cut personal injury cases are available for a lot more money and a lot less complication. At my lowest point of depression a friend of my fathers suggested that he had also had three rejections of his own case when the Marshall Friedman Firm did not only accept his case but did indeed win him a very good settlement. It was truly a turnaround in my life when you said to me 'I think we can handle this case'. At last and finally I had a friend who was not afraid to take on a sinking ship and keep me alive with hope for the next two years. You have no idea, at last I felt that there may really be a tomorrow for me. After making a shamble of my life and affording you no real assistance, you pressed on in spite of my shortcomings. Yesterday you presented me an award tax free from the BNSF Railway. It is a mountain to me who has never had more than $50 to my name in over five years. At 30 years of age I can now look forward with hope for the second half of my life. It will not be a cakewalk, but I now have an honest to goodness chance and I will try my best not to muff it. My case was probably as poor as you have ever handled with two failed drug tests and not documented injuries. I absolutely realize that all I had left in this world was the strength and credibility of the Marshall Friedman Law Firm in my corner. You guys saved me and gave me another chance in life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hope and pray that I do not disappoint you."

" I want to thank you and your team for the outstanding representation afforded me in connection with my back injury claim against Union Pacific railroad. The results you and your team producted on my behalf are absolutely stunning and according to Union Pacific are completely unprecedented. My family and I can never thank you enough. When I met you I was in pain, my financial future was bleak and I was uncertain how to proceed but you told me that you would make every effort to ensure that I receive fair and just compensation for my injury. True to your word, you and your team left no stone unturned in developing the evidence in support of my case. Marshall, you are a true master in the courtroom. I look back on that week during trial and I am still amazed at your complete mastry of so many highly complex disciplines. In conclusion, I still have pain in my back but thanks to Ken Rudd, Paul, Steve, Dana and other team members, but most especially, Mr. C. Marshall Friedman, P.C., the financial future of my family is secure. "

" I would like to thank you for taking my case for the hearing loss against the Union Pacific Railroad. As a result, your firm successfully achieved an award for that loss. Although the loss to my hearing cannot ever be corrected, this award somewhat gives me the satisfaction knowing that the Union Pacific has accepted the responsibility for this loss "

" I would like to personally thank everyone on your staff for the work you preformed in reaching my settlement award with Norfolk Southern Railway. My life has certainly changed and I really appreciate the patience and cooperation everyone showed whenever we made contact. Once again thank you. You are always in my prayers. "

" We wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did in getting our case settled. We know this is everyday work for you but for us it was venturing into unknown waters. However, there was never a moment that we ever doubted you would do the right thing and as usual, you did not disappoint us. Everyone on staff made us feel we were the most important clients you had and no questions, and there were many, ever went unanswered. We were always treated with respect and dignity. These two qualities are often hard to find in the professional work of today. We went into this knowing that no matter how bad things got or how bleak a favorable outcome might appear, you and your staff would be there for us 100% and you were. Please know that we will continue to think of you with the deepest respect and friendship. We continue to refer others to you and hopefully persuade them to contact you for representation. "

"I am writing this letter to somehow show my gratitude for the handling of my claim against the BNSF. A person does not really realize how quickly life can change until it happens to you. I knew of the professionalism of C. Marshall Friedman for many years prior to my injury and when my injury occurred there was no doubt in my mind who to contact for the assistance in the handling of my claim. My hat is off to all involved in the handling of my claim and you will not be forgotten! It is also reassuring to know that you are there to help others with their situations. If it were not for the firm of Mr. Friedman, I feel many railroad workers would be set aside and not receive the benefits that they are due. To you and your staff, I appreciated the courtesy, professionalism, and respect that you showed myself. I wish you continued success, and I am proud to have had an association with such a group of people that is with the Law Firm of C. Marshall Friedman."

"Just wanted to tell you and your staff that we are so pleased knowing that our family has someone to protect our rights and also that you all did a wonderful job. Again thank you very much"

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